The EVECTRIX Intelligent Load Management System (ILMS) represents a cutting-edge electric load balancing
solution specifically designed for buildings facing insufficient electricity supply to support an Electric Vehicle Energy Management System (EVEMS).

It employs an industrial-grade super PLC to communicate among EVECTRIX panels in real-time. The energy meter
system is integrated into the main feeder to monitor the overall electricity consumption.

The EVECTRIX main controller sends activation commands to the queued EVEMS panels, initiating their operation once the main feeder has sufficient current to distribute across the building's EVEMS system. When the demand from primary loads exceeds the designated ratio, the main system deactivates the EVEMS system and waits to connect the queued EVECTRIX EVEMS panels.


• Dynamic Threshold Calculation
Instead of static threshold values, ILMS dynamically calculates thresholds based on historical data and predictive analytics every 50 μs. This adaptive approach enables the system to adjust its limits based on changing loads and building conditions, preventing both underutilization and overutilization of resources.

• Prioritized LOAD Management
ILMS introduces load prioritization. It identifies critical and time-sensitive loads, ensuring their uninterrupted execution even under high load conditions. By intelligently allocating resources to priority loads, the system maintains responsiveness and prevents performance degradation for crucial operations.

• Elastic Resource Allocation
ILMS supports elastic resource allocation, allowing the system to scale loads up or down based on demand. It dynamically adjusts loads limits based on building load patterns, effectively utilizing available resources and accommodating sudden spikes or drops in demand.

• Proactive Load Balancing
The new implementation incorporates proactive load-balancing techniques to evenly distribute the loads across available resources. It monitors resource utilization across the system and intelligently redistributes tasks to underutilized resources, optimizing performance and preventing bottlenecks.

• Anomaly Detection , Recovery and ESD (Emergency Shutdown)
To handle unexpected situations, the ILMS includes robust anomaly detection capabilities. It monitors Building’s feeder behavior continuously and identifies anomalies such as sudden resource exhaustion or performance degradation. Upon detection, it triggers recovery mechanisms such as reallocating resources, restarting affected services, or generating alerts for manual intervention, and finally EVEMS ESD (Emergency shutdown).

• Fine-grained Control and Configuration
ILMS offers enhanced control and configuration options. Administrators can set specific thresholds, define priority levels, and customize resource allocation policies according to building requirements. This flexibility allows for fine-tuning and tailoring the load throttling system to individual environments.